Arguably one of the most striking breeds of cattle, the Highland is a native Scottish Highlands. Equipped with their distinctive long-haired coats, these animals are hardy enough to take anything the Scottish weather can throw at them.

And when they're raised, fed, kept and finished properly they can make for the most stunning beef in the world. Our herd of Highlands has been kept on the Isle of Mull for 100 years. A unique place due to its separation from the mainland, lush grass, pure water and clean air, which provides a perfect environment for the Highland cattle.

Many chefs will testify to the Highland beef from the Isle of Mull as being the best they've ever had.


Iain MacKay & Claire Simonetta

Wild West Breeders

Farming on the rugged west coast of the Isle of Mull, Iain and Claire raise Highland cattle on wild grasses and heathers along the windswept mountains on the Atlantic coast. Iain has been involved with Highland Cattle since his childhood and developed a strong passion for how this breed complements the environment it lives in whilst being able to produce top quality beef from the harshest of environments. Iain started his own pedigree fold at the young age of 17 and has since expanded his Highland Cattle business significantly, focusing on maximising the quality and healthiness of the beef by adopting sustainable and natural farming methods whilst maintaining high animal health and welfare. Complementing Iain’s traditional cattle knowledge is Claire's award-winning expertise in modern agriculture and continuous drive to expand her knowledge through study tours and development programmes and together they ensure that only the best beef is produced and procured for Torloisk Highland.

James George

Butchery & Distribution

James George first experienced the industry at the tender age of 11 whilst helping his Dad Keith on London’s Smithfield Meat Market. After dropping out of a BA Hons course in Advertising & Design he decided to return to butchery. By the age of 23 James was delivering meat a small network of restaurants, and today services over 400 restaurants across London and the Home Counties. Being part of this unique project has allowed James to take his love of red meat to the next level.

Fergus & Alison MacKay

Low Ground Finishing

Old Leckie Farm has been in Fergus and Alison Younger’s family for over 100 years. Their home, Old Leckie Castle, towers high over the green rolling pastures of the farm which sits on the old drove road between Stirling and the west of Scotland – an evocative backdrop to the last staging post of many Torloisk Highlanders. .With a passion for taste, quality and food with provenance Fergus and Alison are proud to be part of the Torloisk story.

Niall Davidson

Quality Control & Advocacy

A passionate Scots/Irishman whose 8 year quest to find the best beef in the world has led to the formation of Torloisk Highland, Niall is a renowned fire chef whose knowledge of beef is unsurpassed. Linking up with James, Niall is a regular at Meatopia in London and Ireland and has now opened his first restaurant Nuala – offering a fresh take on the London Bistro, cooking classics over open wood fires. Niall is responsibe for quality – ensuring that only the best meat is delivered out to customers.